A 40-year-old THAKUR is driving his luna on the highway one night. He is drunk. Certain circumstances lead to his gruesome accident and his body splits in two parts. Local policemen after sending his body for postpartum take his Luna(bike) to the police compound. But the next day, the luna disappears. After some search, the policemen find the luna standing in the same location where the THAKUR had died the other night. No matter what they do, the luna disappears the next day as well. After numerous attempts of locking up the luna in chains everyday, the luna keeps disappearing every night and keeps appearing at the same accident spot where the THAKUR had died. The village folk come up with their own theories.

After some absurd sign from God, the locals declare THAKUR has become a God and they start praying to the luna as it is the thing attached to him. The luna is kept there at the spot and alcohol and cigarettes start getting offered to Thakur (to the luna) by people. By some absurd miracle, the prayers of the people also start getting answered. The news of this new god in town starts spreading and people start accepting blue and pink as the holy color of their Thakur and these colors start spreading like wildfire across the whole wide region. The movie revolves around the mystery of the luna and focuses on people’s faith and how a religion begins and how quickly people start commercializing  it.

This movie is inspired by true events.

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